MOC Gallery

I have A LOT of instructions for MOC’s made by other designers. These instructions cannot be downloaded or bought at this website. This is a gallery of these models. Click on an image to view a larger picture of the model. There are social links after each name in the list, where you can reach the designer and/or find his instructions (if you want to buy them).


The list will be sorted by the number of instructions I made for a designer. It CAN happen that I cannot show you a picture of a model. That happens when the model was a commissioned project for the designer or if a model will be published at a later date. The total amount of projects will be including all commissioned projects.

But what is a MOC?

MOC stands for My Own Creation. It can be build digitally. Or it’s a modification of an original LEGO® model (for example: you make a RC-version of a non motorized set). Or you throw all your LEGO® blocks in one box and create something completely new!


So it can be whatever you build! An alternate is also a MOC, but it’s made with pieces from just one LEGO® set. If you own the set, you can build the alternate.

BricksGarage - Firas Abu Jaber

I’m very proud that I’ve improved my instructions to the level that I can make instructions for Bricksgarage! You can find the models at his website, on his Rebrickable-account and some at Total: 36 models.

Ferrari Testarossa
Ford GT40
Rolls-Royce Boat Tail
Chevrolet Corvette C3
Volvo Iron Knight
Lambourghini Countach
Pagani Zonda R
Porsche 911 Turbo S 2021
Koenigsegg Regera
AC Cobra
Mazda MX5
Mazda MX5 lowered
Rolls-Royce Cullinan
Aston Martin Valkyrie
Ford F150 Super Snake
Ford F150 Raptor
Ford F150 Raptor white
Ford Escort
Trans-Am Firebird
Lambourghini Sian
Chevrolet 3100
McLaren Senna
Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
3DSupercarBricks - Lennart Hendriksze

Lennart had a new challenge for me… he is making 3D-printed bricks that he uses in his models. So I had to figure out how to convert these custom-designed bricks in to my modeling program. I got it done! His models can be found at or at Total: 34 models

Dyens Creations - Dominik Novak

My first model by another designer was a model by Dominik Novak: The helicopter. That model will always be special to me. I have made several versions of the instructions. It even got a review by the "Held der Steine"! Since then I’ve made all the instructions for Dominik. A while ago he has started “Dyens Creations” and is now charging a modest fee for the instructions. His models can be found at his Rebrickable-page. Total: 23 models.

Feller Buncher (42136)
1989 Batmobile (42127)
Log Truck (42128)
Tractor (42122)
Tow Truck (42098)
Forest Harvester (42121)
Bulldozer (42121)
Snow Groomer (42121)
Quad Bike (42122)
Race Truck (42123)
Tow Truck (42080)
Reach Stacker (42082)
The Tumbler
F1 car (42098)
Telehandler (42079)
Defender LMP (42110)
Crane (42078)
Garbage Truck (42098)
Rally Car (42098)
Le Mans Racecar (42098)
Liftgate Truck (42078)
Snowmobile (42069)
Helicopter (42069) - Christiaan Pijper

The first instructions I made for someone else! Thanks to all the questions from Christiaan I was able to make better instructions. His webshop is closed at the moment, but the website was Total: 9 models.

F1 Brickheads - all teams
F1 car - team red (1:15)
F1 car - team orange (1:15)
F1 car - team grey (1:15)
F1 car - team black (1:15)
F1 car - team blue (1:15)
F1 car - team blue (1:24)
F1 car - team blue (speed champion)
Nico71 - Nicolas Lespour

I am very proud that I am also making instructions for Nico71! His technic creations are really cool, quite big and diverse… You can find the instructions on his website: Total: 5 models.

Ball Clock
CVT Truck
Articulated Truck
Trail Crawler
Danielsmocs - Daniel Helms

Another designer who makes cool cars! Total: 5 models.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
Toyota MR2 black
Toyota MR2 yellow
Toyota MR2 white
Toyota MR2 red
Mark Stapel

My first venture into the locomotive world! Mark Stapel contacted me and asked if I could help him make instructions for some locomotives. Since I had never done that I was intrigued. They are not for sale at the moment, and I don’t know if they ever will be. Total: 4 models.

Pere Marquette 1225 - Berkshire 2-8-4 N-1
Q2 4-4-6-4 - Pennsylvania RailRoad
E6-4-4-2 (Atlantic) - Pennsylvania Railroad
2-6-6-2 (Allegheny) - Chesapeake and Ohio Railway
BrickPrint - Michel Roos

I met this designer at a lego convention. He sells printed bricks and can also do custom jobs. Once in a while he designs a small printed model. Total: 5 models.

Bakfiets Rijksmuseum
Bakfiets Tulpen
Bakfiets Amsterdam
Bakfiets Holland

I got in contact with Haqutech when I saw his cool Porsche RSR (42096) alternate: a F1 car. I converted his photo instructions in to lego like instructions. It was a total hit! Since then I have turned some of his models into instructions. Total: 5 models.

Swiss Knife
Commando Trike (42110)
F1 car
F1 car (42098)
F1 car (42096)
BrickArtStories - Jordy Koevoets

Jordy remade some famous art works with Lego. A totally new experience for me! Total: 4 models.

Endless Column
Duchamp's Fountain
Mae West Lips Sofa
Lobster Telephone
Birello Custom Bricks - Johan van Uden

Johan was the first customer to send me his own digital model file (with I had to make instructions from the studio-file. We both learned something from this experience. I was happy to give tips for the step-making process for his second model! His models are no longer online. But he still has a briclink-shop! Total: 3 models.

VW Race Touareg Dakar
Audi TT white
Audi TT black
Johan Kiewiet

A request for help turned into making his first instructions on Rebrickable. Total: 2 models.

Martijn Nab

A long time ago I wrote a question on Facebook if someone knew a cool model that I could turn into instructions. It was supposed to be a learning experience. Only Martijn Nab reacted and pointed me to his Cadillac. I was not skilled enough at the time to make the instructions, but now I am (and I got the time). You can find the Rebrickable account of Martijn here. Total: 1 model.

Amir Pasha

Amir needed my help with making a printable set of instructions. Total: 1 model.

DaDuDi - Davide Bersia

A first collaboration with DaDuDi - an alternate model for the Mack Anthem. Total: 1 model.

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