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Welcome at my non-commercial website. All building instructions offered for download on this website are free of charge. If you find them somewhere else and you have to pay for them: please report it to me! (Note: there are some models that cannot be downloaded from my website, because they are sold by the model-designer. You don’t have to report them.)

Happy building!

What's new...

2020, september 13th

A fifth alternate is available for the Car Transporter: another formula 1 car.

2020, september 7th

A fourth alternate is available for the Car Transporter: a formula 1 car.

2020, august 2nd

The instructions of the Telehandler are finished.

2020, july 3rd

Another set of instructions finished for BricksGarage! The images can be found at the gallery.

2020, may 25th

I finally made some time to update the website… added the Crane and the Le Mans Prototype.

2020, march 24th

A bigger model by Dominik Novak now has instructions too. And it’s a garbage truck!

2020, march 17th

Another alternate by Dominik Novak is online: the Rally car.

2020, march 12th

New instructions for an alternate by Dominik Novak are online: the Le Mans racecar.

2020, february 3rd

I refreshed the instructions of my favourite space set: 6929 Starfleet Voyager.

2020, february 2nd

My first big childhood set now had refreshed instructions: set 148 – Central Station.

2020, january 24th

A new alternate is finished: the All Terrain 4×4.

2020, january 21th

Made a new page: BrickMODs, an overview where you can buy modified bricks.

2020, january 7th

I made two new additions to the refreshed instructions: The Shell Service Car (604) and the Tipper Truck (622).

2020, january 5th

I welcome a new customer… Johan van Uden. I made instructions for his Audi TT! A black and a white version…

2020, january 4th

I made a new page… dedicated to refreshed instructions.

2019, december 27th

The instructions for the Douglas C-47 are finished! It was a LOT of work, but I learned a lot too.

2019, december 21th

I got hired to make instructions of a few F1 Brickheadz.

2019, october 13th

A new addition to the alternate-files… a F1-car.

2019, september 22nd

I got hired to make instructions for some formula one models… The models can be seen at the MOC-page.

2019, august 25th

I finally had some LEGO-time again (after moving to another house)… I made instructions for the alternate Playin with gears.

2019, may 4th

I started making my own LDCad Video Tutorials.

2019, april 5th

Corrected some errors in the instructions of The Helicopter. Thanks to Bert Scholtz for pointing them out!

2019, february 15th

Minor update for the liftgate truck add-on: changed 3 pieces and rotated some building steps.

2019, february 10th

New alternate online: the Liftgate Truck add-on.

2019, february 9th

New alternate online: the Liftgate Truck.

2019, january 19th

New layout for the instructions of: Airport Rescue V2.

2019, january 13th

New layout for the instructions of: The Tank.

2019, january 10th

New layout for the instructions of: The Snowmobile and The Helicopter.

2019, january 6th

This website has gone live!!!

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