When I started making MOC’s I saw other MOC’s complete with building instructions that looked a lot like the real deal. I instantly thought: I want to know how to do that! It took me some time to figure it out. Note: this way works for me, maybe you know a different method that suits you better.

Step 1. Choose your building program

There are a lot of programs available to make a digital model in:

Everyone has its own favorite! Mine was LDD for a very long time. It’s very intuitive to use, developed by LEGO© and it’s free.

But… when I wanted to include motor functions in a model, LDD did not show the full cable. And in 2 there was no cable at all for the servo motor. LDCad did the trick.

Besides this did the instruction maker from 2 crash with a more complicated technic model. But hey, maybe my laptop is the problem.

So now I build in LDCad. It’s got a very steep learning curve, but it’s worth it!

Step 2. Your building program defines your path

Once you choose your building program, it kind of dictates the way of how you make your building instructions. Yes, it’s possible to export your model to other formats and import a model in other building programs, but it does not work very well for more complicated models. So… it’s best to stay on the path you’ve chosen:

  • LDD (editor) + Blueprint (instructions) – click here
  • 2.0 (editor + instructions) – click here
  • LDCAD (editor) + Lpub3D (instructions) – click here
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