Since the start of this website I have made A LOT of instructions… lately I’ve been wondering how many I had made. So I’ve made a list! The latest instructions will be added at the top of the list.

100The Forklift (42110 alternate)PattSpatt
99Not published yetBricksGarage
98Not published yetJordy Koevoets
97Commissioned BuildBricksGarage
96Porsche 911 Turbo S 2021 (10295 alternate)BricksGarage
95Forest Harvester (42121 alternate)Dyens Creations
94LaFerrari FXXK Evo3D Supercar Bricks
93City Bus (42078 alternate)Dadudi Technic Creations
92Not published yetNico71
91Bulldozer (42122 alternate)Dyens Creations
90Commissioned BuildBricksGarage
89Not published yetJordy Koevoets
888x8 Articulated TruckNico71
87Snow Groomer (42122 alternate)Dyens Creations
86Quad Bike (42121 alternate)Dyens Creations
85BMW M3 30Amir Pasha
84AC Cobra (Fiat 500 alternate)BricksGarage
83Porsche 911 Carrera - dark bluish grey3D Supercar Bricks
82Porsche 911 Carrera - white3D Supercar Bricks
81Commissioned BuildBricksGarage
80The Commando TrikeHaqutech
79Commissioned Build3D Supercar Bricks
78Mazda MX5 red loweredBricksGarage
77Mazda MX5 (Fiat 500 alternate)BricksGarage
76Koenigsegg One:13D Supercar Bricks
75Supercar - 8880 refreshedLego
74Race TruckDyens Creations
73Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1959Martijn Nab
72Commissioned BuildBricksGarage
71Tow TruckDyens Creations
70Commissioned BuildJames Rigoni
69Ford F150 Raptor whiteBricksGarage
68Ford F150 RaptorBricksGarage
66Commissioned BuildBricksGarage
65The Reach StackerDyens Creations
64Ford F150 Super SnakeBricksGarage
63Rocket Bunny Honda NSX3D Supercar Bricks
62Tesla model 3 white3D Supercar Bricks
61Tesla model 3 red3D Supercar Bricks
60Tesla model 3 grey3D Supercar Bricks
59The TumblerDyens Creations
58Trail CrawlerNico71
57F1 CarHaqutech
56Formula One CarDyens Creations
55Commissioned BuildBricksGarage
54Bakfiets HollandBrickprint.nl
53TelehandlerDyens Creations
52Commissioned BuildBricksGarage
51Commissioned BuildBricksGarage
50Commissioned BuildBricksGarage
49Commissioned BuildBricksGarage
46Koenigsegg Jeska Absolut white3D Supercar Bricks
45Koenigsegg Jeska Absolut grey3D Supercar Bricks
44Le Mans PrototypeDyens Creations
43The CraneDyens Creations
42Chevy 3100BricksGarage
41McLaren SennaBricksGarage
40Rolls Royce Silver GhostBricksGarage
39Pagani Zonda Revolucion white3D Supercar Bricks
38Pagani Zonda Revolucion blue3D Supercar Bricks
37Pagani Zonda Revolucion grey3D Supercar Bricks
36Complete Train set without motorsLego
35Koenigsegg Jeska red3D Supercar Bricks
34The Garbage TruckDyens Creations
33Combine HarvesterBrickbyBrickTechnic
32Rally CarDyens Creations
31Le Mans RacecarDyens Creations
30VW Touareg Dakar VersionBirello Custom Bricks
29Central StationLego
28Starfleet VoyagerLego
27Tipper TruckLego
25Shell Fuel TankerLego
24Shell Service CarLego
23All Terrain 4x4JanWillemTheFactor
22Koenigsegg Jeska white3D Supercar Bricks
21Audi TT whiteBirello Custom Bricks
20Audi TT blackBirello Custom Bricks
19Douglas C-47MK Constructor
18F1 BrickheadzChristiaan Pijper
16Team Red - 1:15Christiaan Pijper
15Team Orange - 1:15Christiaan Pijper
14Team Grey - 1:15Christiaan Pijper
13Team Yellow - 1:15Christiaan Pijper
12Team Blue - 1:15Christiaan Pijper
11Team Blue - 1:24Christiaan Pijper
10Team Blue - Speed CampionChristiaan Pijper
9Playin' with gearsForelockMocs
8The Drill RigBrickbyBrickTechnic
7The Liftgate Truck Add-onForelockMocs
6The Liftgate TruckDyens Creations
5Airport Rescue 2.0ForelockMocs
4The HelicopterGrohl
3The SnowmobileDyens Creations
2The HelicopterDyens Creations
1The TankForelockMocs
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