I’ve started making my own video tutorials. It’s just the basics of basics! There are so many options in LDCad… I did not wanted to learn everything, I just wanted to start building. In these files I share my way of doing things. It’s possible that there are other ways of doing things (or even better ways). This is just what works for me.

Lesson 1. Start a model file

Lesson 1.
How to start a new model file. And… don’t forget to save it!

Step 2. The basics of LDCad

Lesson 2.
The two most important things when building a digital model: Where to find your bricks and how to give it the color you want to use.

Step 3. Moving the camera

Lesson 3.
When building in 3D-perspective (view) you want to move your camera so that you can see where you put your bricks!

Step 4. Rotate and move a brick

Lesson 4.
How to rotate and move a brick…

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