How can you update you LDCad Library? These steps work for me (I have a windows based version of LDCad). Important note: the library is divided in two parts: official (quality checked) parts and unofficial (not yet checked) parts. If you want to update your library, then I recommend to update both!

Step 1. find the location where the libraries are stored

1.  In the LDCad-menu click on: prefs > LDraw

2. In the pop-up window choose “Search (library) paths ..”

3. Another window opens. There you can find the location of the Official and Unofficial database. Note that these are stored in a zip-file!

Step 2. Download the latest version of the library-zip files

The latest version of the library-files can be found on LDraw.org. Here are the direct links for downloading the libraries. If they don’t work (anymore), then go to the main page of LDraw.org:

Step 3. replace the library-zipfiles

  1.  Close LDCad
  2. If you want you can rename the old zip-files to “complete_old.zip” and “ldrawunf_old.zip”. This way you can always put the old files back.
  3. Copy the new zip-files to the correct directory.

i don't have an unofficial library!

1. Follow all steps from step 1 untill you get the pop-up window on the left.

2. Click on “New”
3. Unofficial library
4. Browse archive

5. Select your “ldrawunf.zip” file
6. Click on accept
7. Close LDraw
8. Start it up again

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