You can’t find the part you need? You maybe want to search in the whole library… how does that work?

Step 1. If you are making a c-model: open the parts library of the original set

Open the building instructions of the original set on one of the last pages (or download the digital instructions from the Lego Website.

There you will find the partlist. You can find the part-numbers of all used parts there!

Partlists can also be found on websites like toysperiod, peeron and rebrickable. Just search for the set-number to find a partlist. Here you can find the part-number for the parts.

Step 2. Open the correct search window in ldcad

1. Go to the main group (use the up arrow).

2. Click on the search icon.

3. Click on the filter bar (the section where it says “no filter” in the image on the left)

4. The search window opens! Put a check mark everywhere… then type the part number you search in the text-bar. Then click on “Accept”. DONE!

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