Step 1. Build your model

You have chosen to build your model in LDCad –

Instructions can be found at the LDCad-page.

Step 2. Divide your model in to logical building steps

While building it digital, use the step-menu in LDCad to divide your model in to logical building steps.

To be able to create callouts in LPub3D, you can make subfiles in LDCAD:

  • Select the bricks you want to put in a callout
  • Right-click this selection
  • Choose “Reorganize” > “Move to subfile”
  • Keep clicking “Accept” untill you’re back in the main model (that’s the easiast if you’re starting out)
  • To make steps in the callout-model:
    • Double-click the callout-model to open it
    • Organize the steps (you can edit the callout-model just as it’s a normal model)
    • To go back to the main model: click <control> + <end>

Step 3. Check the model rotation with every step in LDCad

For me it’s better to set up the step-rotation LDCad and not in LPub3d (since it can crash). To “lock” the rotation of a model you first put it in the correct position. Then follow these steps:

  • Press <control> + <b> (a new window opens)
  • Choose “Absolute rotation step” as Step type
  • Press the button “Sample view” to determine the current rotation
  • Press the button “Apply to view” to lock the current step in this rotation
  • Press the Accept button

Don’t forget to check the model rotation in your submodels!

Step 4. Open the model in LPub3D

It can take a while to open and render the model. Don’t try to rotate the model in LPub3D! It can crash (but maybe your computer does not have that problem).

First walk through your instructions… If you see a submodel that you want to convert to a callout, right click it and choose “Convert to submodel”. If you have to change something on the model, just write down the stepnumber, save and close the file in LPub3D and open the file in LDCad. After you’ve changed the model you can re-open the file in LPub3D.

Step 5. Export your instructions

Export your instructions when you’re finished. DONE! Share your MOC so more people can build your model!

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