What's a MOC?

MOC stands for My Own Creation. It can be build only digitally. Or it’s a modification of an original LEGO® model (for example: you make a RC-version of a non motorized set). Or you throw all your LEGO® blocks in one box and create something completely new!

So it can be whatever you build! An alternate is also a MOC, but it’s made with pieces from just one LEGO® set. If you own the set, you can build the alternate.


I have made a number of instructions for MOC’s made by other people. These instructions can not be downloaded or bought at this website. This is just a gallery of these models. Click on an image for a larger version. You can find these instructions by clicking on the link below.

BRICKCREATIONS.NL - Christiaan Pijper

The first instructions I made for someone else! Thanks to all the questions from Christiaan I was able to make better instructions. His webshop is closed at the moment, but the website is brickcreations.nl.

Birello Custom Bricks - Johan van Uden

Johan was the first customer to make his own digital model file (with Studio). I had to make instructions from the studio-file. We both learned something from this experience. I was happy to give tips for the step-making process for his second model! His website is birellocustombricks.nl.

3dsupercarbricks - Lennart Hendriksze

Lennart had a new challenge for me… he is making 3D-printed bricks that he uses in his models. So I had to figure out how to convert these custom-designed bricks in to my modeling program. I got it done! His models can be found at mocsmaker.com.

Dyens creations - dominik Novak

My first model by another designer was a model by Dominik Novak: The helicopter. Since then I’ve made instructions for several of his models. These instructions had always been free of charge. A while ago he has started “Dyens Creations” and is now charging a modest fee for the instructions. His models can be found at his Rebrickable-page.

Bricksgarage - Firas abu-jaber

I’m very proud that I’ve improved my instructions to the level that I can make instructions for Bricksgarage too! You can find the models at his website bricksgarage.com and some at mocsmaker.com.

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