There are a lot of people out there that modify their bricks – I dubbed it “brickmods” on my website. How can you modify a brick?

  1. Put a sticker on it of your own design
  2. Print on a brick
  3. Engrave it
  4. Chrome it
  5. 3D print your self designed brick
But where can you do that? What are good sticker makers? Where can I find someone who can print on a brick? Etc…

My goal is to name all possible places where you can modify a brick (I don’t want to advertise; I want to inform).


There are a lot of sticker makers out there… some are pretty good designers, some can make lego quality stickers of your own design, some sell reprints of old lego sets. And where are they based? Let’s make an overview of who’s who:

Shop nameShips to (Store location)CustomizedReprints
BrickStickerShopWorldwide (Netherlands)YesYes
forwART StickerWorldwide (Hungary)YesNo
JaapTechnicWorldwide (Netherlands)YesNo


In some sets Lego has printed directly onto the brick. There are some shops who can do that too. Maybe old original printed Lego bricks can be remade.

Shop nameShips to (Store location)CustomizedRemakes
BrickisWorldwide (Belgium)YesUnknown
Brick PrintWorldwide (Netherlands)YesUnknown

3. engraving

It’s also possible to engrave a brick (and fill it with ink). In the early days that’s what Lego did. There are shops that can do that for you.

Shop nameShips to (Store location)CustomizedRemakes
TekstGraveren.nlNetherlands (Netherlands)YesUnknown


Some Lego car-enthousiast like to chrome some car-parts. There are stores that sell chromed parts or can chrome the parts that you want. Maybe some stores can chrome bricks for specific sets.

Shop nameShips to (Store location)CustomizedSet specific
Bubul custom chromed partsWorldwide (Hungary)UnknownYes
custombricks.nlWorldwide (Netherlands)YesYes

5. 3d printing

3D printers are getting better… you can buy 3D printed custom bricks from these stores.

Shop nameShips to (Store location)CustomizedSet specific
TrixBrixWorldwide (Poland)NoNo
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