What are alternates?

An alternate or C-model is a different model (than the main model) that you can build with the bricks from just one LEGO® set. So you don’t have to buy additional bricks and you can have more building fun for the same value!

I think it’s unfortunate that most LEGO® boxes only come with one alternate model (or none at all). And then I discovered Rebrickable! Lots and lots of alternate models can be found on that website. But the newer and bigger Technic models have very few alternates. So I decided to build some myself. I also learned how to make building instructions. As I am not a fan of building from step-by-step pictures, I also made instructions for alternates that where not designed by me. If the designer permits it, I will put them here too.

If you have made a cool alternate model, make building instructions for it and share it on Rebrickable.


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