42098 ALTERNATE - F1 Car number 2

The alternate model

Formula 1 car

Alternate of: 42098
Name: Formula 1 car

Released: 2020
Number of bricks: 571
Designed by: Haqutech

This model is NOT designed by me, but by Haqutech. His model was NOT an alternate. The original model instructions can be found here. When it looked like the model could be made with the Car Transporter, I remade his model into this alternate.

the original model

Car Transporter

Setnumber: 42098
Name: Car Transporter

Released: 2019
Number of bricks: 2493
Alternate models by LEGO®: 1


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  • Format: PDF
  • Version: 1.0
  • Pages: 102
  • Size: 44 Mb

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