Welcome at the ForelockMocs 100th building instructions page! It seems I have been working hard in the past years, since my 100th piece of building instructions is coming up. And I wanted to do something nice at that milestone… so let’s have a competition!


Making instructions is what I do, so let’s make the 100th building instructions one that the community has chosen. And free for all!

When I first started out I saw that there are a lot of photo-instructions out there. And I’ve met some builders who can design incredible stuff, but they don’t like sitting behind a computer and making building instructions.

That’s where I can help! Let me know which model deserves lego-like building instructions by ForelockMocs!


First price

I will create professional looking building instructions of your model for free! This will include:

  • PDF – instructions ready for upload on Rebrickable (max. 100 Mb filesize)
  • “rebrickable and bricklink – ready” partlists
  • a blueprint picture of the model

Second price

If the runner up has a digital model of his entry, I will make a blueprint picture of that model for free!


You can enter a model:

  • If you are the model-designer (so don’t enter a model that’s not yours!)
  • The model entered has to be finished
  • There has to be a way for me to make instructions of it:
    • You can provide photo or video building instructions
    • Or you can provide a digital accurate (!) model of it (LDraw, LDD or Stud.io)
    • Or… you can provide me with the real bricks model (which you will get back naturally)

Suppose you are the winner of the competition, then…

  • You cannot sell the instructions made by ForelockMocs. The 100th building instructions have to be free 4 all!
  • ForelockMocs can also publish the winning set of instructions on his website.


Send an email to ron_hebben@hotmail.com with the subject “ForelockMocs 100th”.

In this email:

  • Tell me your name (the designer)
  • Tell me the name of the model (you can write a little background story too if you want)
  • If it is an alternate or C-model: the number of the original set! Note: a model is only an alternate if you do not need extra pieces (not even one piece!).
  • The functions it has (if any)
  • The number of bricks
  • If the model is already published on Rebrickable, please send me a link where to find it

And… very important: Attach the best looking picture of the model you have (just one picture, no videos; and you have to choose the best one).

So you don’t have to send me a digital model or (photo) instructions to enter… only the winner has to do that.

Note: By sending in a picture of a model, you agree with me publishing this picture. I will have the option to exclude an entry from the competition, if I think too much is copied of another model or if another designer contacts me and provides me with proof of the same. I will not be dragged into discussions who has designed something…


You have two weeks for sending in your models… closing date is May 22th 18:00h (local time).

Your remaining time for sending an entry

Choosing the winner

The winner will not be chosen by me… but by the community!

I will post all entries on my Facebook-page. The pictures will be there for two weeks. The entry with the most likes wins!!!

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